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please excuse any and all of my atrocious spelling!

Hey everyone

Stacy Knight Here,


Reaching out to see what People would like too see or need?

open question - I know...

here - let me get to the nitty gritty of it!

The Tattoo world is a harsh and rough place lately,

Everyone is feeling the pinch from the Economy and the man - bills etc...

This I get and feel as well...

So I have decided to get a little bit transparent... and see what the reaction might be,

In the way of the tattoo world, and more so our very valued clients.

Ask some of the deeper questions... maybe even start up a blog/vlog/podcast soon where people can come In or call in or at least comment on the tattoo world issues of the day! thoughts and feelings on certain matters.

comments on that - yes - no ? anyone? sugestions? please be kind and/or constructive - we will!

I've seen one or two vlogs or webcasts here and there

but not a lot - so I am just winging it.

maybe that way with some feedback from you - I can keep what we do here

all about you and not about what I think you need by others example,

i'd like some feedback - just to know where to start.

Interactive right from the beginning.

Today I'd like to start by

bringing up... what does the general public - need from us tattoo artists now... in these times?


Apocalypse Tattoos has had many a sale on deposits and Flash tattoos galore (every week)

just to try and make things much more affordable for our clients

should this be - more interactive - or at least have a platform for these smaller tattoo suggestions?

thoughts? anyone?

please note:

We also have a very special - free promo scheduled for July 2024.

so keep an eye out for that - for sure.

So here it is ...

Transparency begins: Where we are now - the Tattoo World.

a bit of back story first

Apocalypse Tattoos Incorporated - did have to down size suddenly and reciently - like alot of other shops.

we are now - sub contracted under another shop (RITUALISTICS TATTOOS AND PIERCINGS)

15804 Stoney Plain Road

Thankfully they offer peircings - of which we never could before

one of the few shops left in the city (Edmonton) that still do.

- as far as I understand it, and can tell.

And as far as I have seen since I have been there - they are amazing at it!

the best of the best!

So I have to give an Hells Yah! and GOOD JOB shout out to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But could there be something more - that we tattoo artists could be doing for you?

As a veteran Tattoo artist myself - i would like to accommodate the masses

and keep this hand craft and art alive.

Maybe it's just the artist in me - a life long passion from the age of 4.

but the earth. - without art is just eh.

art and tallent is what humans consider percious threw the ages.

but I do get it though,

This crazy economy has definitely affected everyone

and definitely the tattoo world now.

for the first time - since i started tattooing - 33 years ago.

I've seen 30 year tattoo veterans have to get second jobs

or quit tattooing all together.

just like alot of other people - we all are suffering.

I really do understand that.

I guess what my question for you today is...

since i believe that tattoos are a part of our culture

even here in CANADA - or especially here in Canada

and an even deeper part of the human condition

(theropy for some and self expression for others etc...)

it might be very necessary to our identity.

What can we do above and beyond to keep the art of tattoos

and culture alive for you the clients and society as a whole?

I believe that APOCALYPSE TATTOOS INC. Has definitely seen where the times are

and has tried to accomidate accordingly.

but if there are any suggestions - please let me know your thoughts!

customer service is our top priority!

We listen to you!

Stacy Knight





15804 Stony Plain Road.

(780) 910-3993. CALL OR TEXT

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